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This is the Minstrel's Tales: RPG Essentials Pack!! Enjoy these tracks that are designed to level up YOUR game!

The tracks in this pack are .mp3 and .ogg assets for use in your game! If you have any questions or are looking to commission anything specific for your project, feel free to message me here! Check out the README for info regarding track information and socials!


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I'm making a game, just need a bit more clarification on the credits. It says to use 

"Contains music ©2020 Devin Henderson (https://soopurkul.itch.io) 

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International"

Here's my questions.. 
1. Is it okay to attribute the person in a credits list .txt file? or do it HAVE to be say in the game say at the end credits?

2. If it has to be in game (at end credits like MOST accreditation), all that is a bit excessive. Would it be okay to cut it down to say..  

"- Music/Sound -
Devin Henderson (https://soopurkul.itch.io)"

I'm happy to have a website address next to the artists name but not all that other stuff that would make my in-game credits run far too long and look a mess in game. IF it's okay in a .txt file (packaged with the game) instead then that's fine, I can place all that in.

Hey! Thank you so much for reaching out for clarification.

You can do either or both of those options and that's fine with me!

Feel free to put it in end game credits as 

"- Music/Sound -
Devin Henderson (https://soopurkul.itch.io)"

Or just slap it into the text file. As long as people know where ya got the music, I'm satisfied! ALSO THANK YOU FOR USING MY MUSIC!!!

What kinda game are you making?? ^.^

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Thanks for the prompt reply :) glad I can shorten the credits :)

Thanks for the interest in my game. 
I'm making a 3D Jrpg, using for inspiration classic Jrpgs such as Zelda, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana/Evermore.. and PS1/PS2 era RPGs. It has a camera where you can play top-down view and move camera 360 around you, zoom in and out, or you can switch it to 1st  person view so it can play more like a DOOM game but Jrpg.. lol :D
You can see a little bit of the game via screenshots of it here :)
Or you can see some stuff/ideas I work on for it here with some other things I try out as pure curiosity if the engine would manage stuff possibly for my game.

This looks awesome!!! Keep workin!

Let me know when you have a game or demo out! I'd love to play it!

Thanks, :) I will.
The game will probably be 1 game but have around 5 chapters, chapter 1 will be the Demo., which is probably around 3/5 hours long. I'll be getting a couple of people to Beta Test the demo before I release it for public so I can refine it a little more and fix mistakes people spot.